Best Duelist in the World… Riiiiight.



Dueling Network 3: More Wins and a Lost

After a couple wins against a opponent, I felt like I got a hang of my zombie deck! I kept using the same moves, and I wanted to try something new, so I pulled out my… ta-da!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter Deck Yugi. This is literally my first deck ever. Used it when I was about 7. I inputted it into Dueling Network and it was time to go!

As I looked at it, it was obvious the difference between this deck and my zombie deck. A lot of the Yugi cards didn’t quite link together like the zombie deck. And then there is the huge generation difference. A lot of Yugi’s 4 star monsters are 1400 ATK. Plus some of my 5 star monsters only had 1800 ATK? Why would I go through the trouble for that when my opponent can summon without tributing? Fortunately, I was able to get rid of the lower par ones since the Yugi deck contains 50 cards.

There was one card that I HAD to keep even though it made no sense to… the Dark Magician. The Summoned Skull with 2500 ATK needed one sacrifice. The Dark Magician with 2500 ATK needs two sacrifices… However, the Dark Magician is such a signature card, to remove it is to basically rip the Yugi out of it.

The first deck went surprising well! A thing I like about the old school decks is a 2000 DEF is very useful plus no sacrifices! I drew a good hand. Including my Dark Magician. I didn’t know whether to risk the useless summon because of several traps/magic cards, but I also had an equip card. I ended up not risking it, but I did end it after clearing the field 8D

Second duel with Yugi was a lost!

It started with the egg that would allow the opponent to summon a stronger monster based on how many dinosaurs are in the graveyard. The best way to defeat it is to get the egg out ASAP. Unfortunately, my plan didn’t work. I had a Change of Heart in my hand and I was hoping on pulling a card that needed a sacrifice. That way I can use the Change of Heart, sacrifice the egg, and summon a stronger monster.

Unfortunately I was too late and the Stardust Dragon Assault Mode was summoned. This is a tricky card. It can negate any effect/magic/trap if it is tributed, but by the end phase, it’ll be back on the field. Basically, the only straight way to defeat it is by battle and it has freakin’ 3000 ATK.

So I thought of a combo. Eh, you know what? I won’t reveal it. It’ll just be between me and my opponent. Who knows when it’ll come in handy one day? 😉

In the end though, I was unable to get my hands on the cards I need by the time my life points were open for the picking. I started setting traps, but then I asked for a redo to call them back for a new move. With my final choice, I set my Change of Heart next to another card I had set moves earlier and used Card Destruction. We would discard our hands and picked the same number from our deck. Nope nothing. Guess I should just go on with my move. After all, I don’t want it to turn out like last time.

CHANGE OF HEART! And so Stardust Dragon would go to the graveyard to negate it…. or so I thought. My opponent gives it to me! What? Turns out she forgot about the effect. Well, I kinda have nothing. So I attack her XYZ monster with Stardust Dragon. Trap! And I’m forced to stop attacking.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, I think of the card I had placed at the beginning of the duel.

I had a monster in defense + Stardust Dragon. Then I could’ve destroyed the XYZ monster… I decided this move I was making currently was unfair because of the redo I had made earlier. And so I ended my turn. Monsters attack and I was done with. She had a perfect win (8000 lp in tact).

Win-Lose Record: 4-2

Think about your moves carefully. Also I think I know how to get rid of that dragon now.

Dueling Network 2: Don’t Rush, Don’t Lose Hope

I wished I had taken a pic of it now, but I was in such a rush to eat!

I took some pretty risky moves this time, and that may have been my downfall. Some examples:

  1. Trying to break our stand still
  2. Using some good cards to get an early lead

I was overpowered with 4 monsters on the other opponent’s side. I only had two cards in my hand that didn’t stand a chance, but I used Reload. This makes me put my cards back in the deck, shuffle, and draw the same number of cards. That’s only two new cards… I had to hope the heart of the cards would get my call… and then I pull out Spirit Reaper and Mystical Space Typhoon!

Spirit Reaper, with its special effect to not be destroyed by battle, would effectively protect my life points and my mystical space typhoon would protect it until I get something…

Next turn: I pull out a turtle. Perfect! It was my Pyramid Turtle and I was able to set it… Then my opponent draws a monster that can destroy my Spirit Reaper. Dang. Next is my pyramid turtle and it was destroyed! So of course, it’s special effect was activated which allows me to special summon a zombie monster from my deck with less than 2000 DEF.

I was depending on this card to get a good idea of how good of a chance I would have for the rest of the duel! So, another lesson: KNOW YOUR DECK. I looked at it and thought “Dang it, all these monsters need sacrificing except for this other dang turtle. I lose.” And of course summoned my turtle and with thinking I had no other monster to summon with my turtle’s special effect and my monsters unusable, I gave up.

While I was eating, I was thinking about how my whole heart of the cards thing didn’t work. It brought out my Spirit Reaper which I thought would be enough to stay in the duel and later use is as a tribute. Then I got my Pyramid Turtle so I can later send out a better monster. Then my opponent picked the one card (she was relying on her draws since she had zero cards in her hand) that defeated my Spirit Reaper. Why was the heart of the cards on her side?  I thought what did I do wrong? Last duel, I was complaining about so many magic cards and no monster cards. This time, I wished I could’ve brought out a magic card instead of a monster card. Was this the problem? I thought I could only send out my other Pyramid Turtle… but thinking back, I had this little creepy guy in my deck.

I could’ve sent out this card with it’s 2000 DEF! This would overpower all the cards on the field currently and with my opponent’s empty hand, she was relying on the cards she drew. No traps and magic set. It was perfect! Once her turn ends, she would’ve had some of her monsters in attack mode and I might have been able to reduce her life points to zero (should’ve taken that final pic). Why didn’t I send this baby out?! Because I wasn’t thinking straight! That’s why!

I admitted defeat. I had lost hope. I thought I lost. She didn’t even call out her final attack before I left.

I kept thinking the heart of the cards betrayed me! How could it! Instead, I gave up too early. Like how Yami decides a duel is lost, but Yugi tells him to not give up and believe in the cards. Except I didn’t have a Yugi. I didn’t fully believe in my cards! I should KNOW my cards! I need to believe in it! This all sounds really cheesy, but there’s always a way out!

But ah well, now I know! There will be more duels later! I demand a rematch 😉

That makes my win-lose record 1-1.

Dueling Network 1: First Win.

The battle was pretty close! I was scared at first since my opponent got a bit ahead of me. He/She kept setting trap cards and magic cards so I wasn’t sure whether to attack or not. I felt like I did a bunch of risky moves and I don’t know if they were smart or easily fallible. Maybe I was a bit in a rush to finish up this duel? This is what always kills me in League of Legends. I want to be the hero and I do more than what I can handle.

Dueling Network First Duel

At the beginning of the duel, I was complaining about how much magic/trap cards I have and not a lot of monsters. But this is the card I owe my win to.

My opponent sent out that little Dark Driceratops. I didn’t have anything in my hand that could overpower that! So of course I switched my defense position monster with that one monster on the field and because of the monster’s special effect, I can do damage! Well, it got destroyed somehow which I forgot how and was later brought back.

Oh no, but luckily, I had another in my hand and so we switch again! I often used my magic/trap cards to clear the field. I don’t want to risk into running in those trap/spell cards. And with my Regenerating Mummy attacking the last monster on the field, I attacked directly with Dark Driceratops just so it has this cool you got defeated by your own monster ring.

Yay first win! 8D Does watching Yu-Gi-Oh! help? Does playing it wrong as a child help? Who knows?

Win-Lose Record: 1-0

The Heart of the Cards

According to wikia, this is such an English dub phrase, but I grew up believing it!

If you’ve watched the anime, Yugi highly promotes this idea that originated from his grandpa. If you haven’t watched it (shame on you), the heart of the cards is faith in your deck. We’ll usually see a scene where Yami or Yugi loses confidence, but they convince each other to believe in this heart of the cards and ta-da! They pull the card needed to turn the whole duel around. Of course when I tried it with each draw, I failed miserably.

So does this sort of power exist? Literally – no I don’t think so. Cards don’t just magically know you need something. But the anime also says something else. It isn’t all about believing in your deck, it’s the love of the game. If your “heart” isn’t in the game, then why even try?

There’s also another idea I read. You construct your deck in a way you have faith in it. You put your “heart” in it. You believe in every card. There is no useless card in your deck.

I’d like to take this another step further and say I’d like to construct a deck that reflects me. It might not be what all the pros are using and might even be called “nooby,” but I want a deck in which I’m comfortable with and proudly say it’s mine’s. In fact, I’d love to make a so called “nooby” deck and show them up. 😉 As I start to profile cards, I want to focus on some old school cards. That’s where my heart is, so I’d like to come up with a pretty neat combo. Of course, I’m not dissing the new ones. If they’re better, I guess I better upgrade!

So here’s to the long and hard deck constructing!

The Beginning

The proposal:

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a huge part of my childhood. I’ve never actually played duel monsters though. I played according to the anime during Duelist Kingdom which some of you may know is highly inaccurate. The following quote is by Little Kuriboh in The Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series.

Joey: How do you play?

Yugi: Nobody knows…

Joey: Then how do I win?

Yugi: Silly Joey, only losers actually play card games. The only way to win is not to play.

Sorry, Yugi is so cute in that scene. Anyways, with my love for Yu-Gi-Oh! coming back, I thought it would be cool to learn how to play and actually be good at it. My ultimate goal is to gain the confidence to enter a tournament… which is a lot from me because I’d hate to bother people with my lame skills.

This blog will contain:

  • A summarization of rules as I learn it
  • Card profiles with my opinions (again, not an expert)
  • Thinking aloud strategies
  • Experience dueling with others (in person or by computer)
  • Fun little motivational Yu-Gi-Oh! posts

Feel free to add anything to my posts! Especially if you see a huge mistake/flaw in it 😉